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Welcome to pages dedicated to a practical and useful appliance – THE KITCHEN WASTE DISPOSER.

Our aim during their creation was to offer you complete and profound information about this very popular kitchen appliance.

Here you will find all known and available up-to-date information about waste disposers, not only general information, but especially information about the disposers of the EcoMaster® brand, whose construction and quality put them among the leading world suppliers. Their manufacturer offers a wide selection of disposers, from small household models up to professional industrial types.

This device belongs in the modern kitchen as the fridge or a microwave oven. The disposer promotes ecologically conscious behavior and facilitates waste sorting at the source. All unpleasant, wet and fast rotting food waste is simply scraped to the sink and handled by the disposer. The waste, crushed to fine particles, is flushed away with water through the drain piping to the main sewer. The disposer can obviously be also installed as an addition in older kitchens.

You will value convenient cooking with the option to immediately liquidate different scraps and remains of just processed or unusable groceries.

Your kitchen will be clean, without unpleasant odors, molds, insects and rotting trash in the waste basket.

The waste disposer will conveniently and ecologically remove food scraps from your household.

Expert installations in the whole Czech Republic within five business dates.